Criminal Defense

Defending against your charges

There are THREE ways we can help you defend against your criminal charges.

1. Defending you at trial

The district attorney must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each element of each offense charged against you. Not only that, the entire jury must agree that the D.A. proved each element beyond a reasonable doubt. If the entire jury does not agree, you are acquitted.

An experienced attorney can protect your constitutional rights, make sure illegal and inadmissible evidence is not presented to the jury and, most importantly, display to the jury all reasonable doubts that exist in your case. Once the jury finds reasonable doubt as to any element, you are acquitted!

2. Plea agreement

As your attorney we will fight, negotiate and exploit the weaknesses of the district attorney’s case to get the best possible plea offer from the D.A. In the vast majority of our cases, we obtain offers that allow our clients to plead to a lesser offense, while getting the original charges dismissed. If you are satisfied with the plea offer we obtain, you can accept it. If you don’t want to accept the offer, we will reject the offer and aggressively defend you at trial.

3. Sentencing mitigation

Sentencing on a traffic offense can be severe. Your sentence may carry penalties of jail, fines, court costs and may have a serious impact on your privileges to drive. As your attorney, we will use all available mitigating factors to minimize your sentencing penalties.

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