New Colorado Controlled substances laws

2023 Colorado law

There’s a new law in Colorado that requires people convicted of possessing certain controlled substances be given a drug assessment. It also requires complete a controlled substances education program. Colorado lawyers can get qualifying clients to be placed into treatment as a condition of probation.

by David Strom, Golden Colorado Lawyer

Possible Felony Colorado DUI in 2015

dui golden colorado checkpoint

Habitual drivers in Golden and Colorado may face felony charges and prison under a bill headed to the Governor.

The bill would make a 4th Colorado DUI a felony, punishable up to 6 years in prison.  A 3rd DUI in seven years could also be a felony if it includes aggravating factors. If passed, the bill would also increase the amount of time DUI drivers must hold an interlock restricted license.

Previous DUI felony bills have been introduced over the past three years.  These attempts have failed due to the costs associated with them.

Colorado is among five states where DUI offenders faced misdemeanor charges even after repeated convictions. DUI drivers in Colorado only faced felony charges when they hurt or killed someone or in some circumstances when driving after revocation.

Attorneys in Golden and Colorado are awaiting the Governor’s decision.