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DUI and Traffic Law
There are three ways we can help defend against your DUI and DWAI charges, DUS and DUR charges or other Traffic offenses. Read More

There are a variety of defenses that can be asserted in a criminal assault case in Colorado. These include but are not limited to a denial that there was any physical contact or bodily injury, and a claim of self defense. Read More

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence criminal cases in Colorado and the Denver area have unique prosecutions and criminal penalties. Included in these penalties are a mandatory 36 session treatment program if convicted. Read More

Criminal Defense
There are three ways we can help you defend against your criminal charges, including: defending you at trial, plea agreement, and sentencing mitigation. Read More

There are two types of simplified adoptions by relatives: Step Parent Adoption and Kinship Adoption. Read More

Without a valid will, the transfer of your estate and property and personal belongings and the guardianship of your children will be decided by the State of Colorado! Read More


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