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PPO - Permanent Protection Orders

I can assist you in all areas of Permanent and Temporary Protection Orders and Restraining Orders.


A case is initiated with a person appearing and filing a Petition or Complaint for a Temporary Protection Order. Only if the Court finds proper cause, will it issue the Temporary Protection Order and set a Permanent Hearing. Without presenting proper evidence, the Court will deny the Order and dismiss the case that day.


If the Court issues a Temporary Protection Order, it will set a Permanent Orders hearing date.

At that time, the Court will hear testimony and review evidence and decide whether to make the Order permanent.

I can greatly assist you in a number of ways. I can negotiate a resolution without a hearing and take some risk out of your situation. In the alternative, I can prepare and litigate with experience and knowledge to maximize your chances of success.


As the name suggests, if the court grants a permanent protection order, it is permanent!

However, after a certain period of time it can be modified and possibly dismissed. Please call for further information!


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