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FAA proposes hefty fines for HAZMAT shipping violations

HAZMAT Violations

When the FAA discovers and alleges a violation of HAZMAT shipping regulations they will propose a civil penalty.

Civil penalties will likely be much larger than you would expect.

Below are some recent examples of proposed penalties.

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Probation Revocations

Probation Revocation

Probation Revocations in Colorado

You have rights if you are accused of violating probation. A lawyer can defend your probation revocation at hearing or can attempt to negotiate terms to get you back on probation with little or no punishment.

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Jail Sentences for 1st DUI

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Not long ago, there was no mandatory minimum jail for a 1st DUI or DWAI. If there were no aggravating factors in your case, it was unlikely that you would do one day of jail on your first offense. However, under current law, if you submit to a valid test that is over .200, the Judge must give you a minimum mandatory 10 day sentence, even if it is your very first DUI and there are no aggravating factors or accidents.

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Burglary in Colorado

Burglary in Colorado

Burglary is taken very seriously in Colorado in that a conviction can lead to a long, mandatory prison sentence, even on your first offense.

Essentially, burglary in the first degree is knowingly and unlawfully entering an occupied structure with the intent to commit a crime against a person. You don't even have to commit a crime while inside, but just have the intent to commit a crime.

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