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Jail Sentences for 1st DUI

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Not long ago, there was no mandatory minimum jail for a 1st DUI or DWAI. If there were no aggravating factors in your case, it was unlikely that you would do one day of jail on your first offense. However, under current law, if you submit to a valid test that is over .200, the Judge must give you a minimum mandatory 10 day sentence, even if it is your very first DUI and there are no aggravating factors or accidents.

Drivers are now getting jail sentences on their 1st Colorado DUI.

Discretionary Jail
Now, it's getting even worse for first time offenders. Certain Counties, District Attorneys and Judges are trying to give you jail for your first DUI even if you're under a .200 blood alcohol content.

There are Judges in the Colorado that are giving 2 days in jail for 1st time DUIs where there are no aggravating factors or accidents.

In some counties it's not the Judge that's the problem. There are District Attorneys trying to get you to stipulate to two, ten or even more days of detention even though it's your first DUI and you're under a .200.

It's more important than ever to defend your DUI case in Colorado. Be prepared or you may be going to jail.


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