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Probation Revocations

Probation Revocation

Probation Revocations in Colorado

You have rights if you are accused of violating probation. A lawyer can defend your probation revocation at hearing or can attempt to negotiate terms to get you back on probation with little or no punishment.

The following are details of the probation revocation process in Colorado.

The accusation - the probation complaint:
Your probation officer and prosecutor can accuse you of a probation violation. The violation can be committing a new crime or not satisfying a technical condition of probation. Technical conditions could be to attend treatment classes, to maintain sobriety, to submit to alcohol breath tests or UAs, to attend probation meetings or to maintain employment. The government will file a probation complaint. You can be summoned to court or even arrested.

The procedure of probation revocation in Colorado:
Once you are served with the probation complaint you will have an advisement hearing and then a last court date - a revocation hearing. The revocation hearing has much looser standards than a trial. The prosecutor can use hearsay evidence against you and the government does not need to prove your violation beyond a reasonable doubt.

The court can revoke your probation and you can be sentenced to the maximum on your original crime. This could mean prison, county jail or work release. The court does have the option to continue your probation and not to revoke it.


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